My Favorite New Jeans Styles


The thing about great jeans is that once you find the right fit (the ones that don’t need tailoring and fit like a damn glove), it’s hard to quit. There are cuts of denim that seemingly never go out of style, but lately I’ve been noticing trends of new cuts. Here are some of my favorites for this season:

Cropped Jeans


The days are warm, but the nights are cooler, so cropped denim helps bridge the gap. There are many varieties of this trend, but I have two top contenders: cropped boyfriend jeans and cropped flare jeans. Both will pair well with your favorite summer tank top and espadrilles. If you’re feeling brave, try cropping a pair of vintage jeans yourself! Jet remember to leave enough space to cuff at least twice.

Flared Jeans


For a flattering, form-fitting style, I love love love flared denim. This vintage-inspired look makes you feel like your legs are a million miles long, and what’s great is a lot of jeans these days come in varied lengths so you can find just the right flared pant for your height. I suggest pairing this pair of jeans with a feminine, frilly top and sky-high platforms for a ’70s vibe.

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White Jeans


Oh, white jeans, I love you. Every year I wait patiently for Memorial Day to bring the official start of white denim season. This style of denim truly goes with everything, especially prints. The vibe can veer a bit preppy, depending what you pair them with, but I prefer to make mine into more of a boho direction with mix-and-match prints and natural colored leather sanda

Printed Jeans


For the more adventurous, printed denim is a great summer trend to try. My bohemian heart loves this look for flared denim, but other silhouettes looks great, too. Fun prints to keep in mind: geometrics, florals, paisley, stripes, and leopard.

Denim Overalls


Admittedly, I fought this trend for a while… but eventually I came around. I must now confess that I love denim overalls! This nostalgic style is flirty, fun, and casual. Plus, it’s unexpected because it’s just so different from my normal, day-to-day style. I also love how the trend feels a little bit vintage, especially when paired with a striped top and cute sandals.

Which new style of denim is your favorite to rock this season?


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