Beautiful eyes are the initial thing that certain notices inside your look.It counts much for proper care of these and make it shine together with your inner self-confidence. Within the cosmetic market, you can find quantity of eye care kits and eye shadows cosmetics. But you may already know that our eyes would be the most sensitive part within our body, so instead of going for synthetic beauty cosmetics for eye care, you have to try natural beauty treating your eyes.


Natural treatments for Eye Care

1. Keep equal quantity of triphala powder and sugar candy (powdered) inside a glass jar and take one teaspoonful with one teaspoonful of honey before eating anything morning and evening and drink 250 gm of milk regarding this for 2-3 months. This cures all of the diseases from the eyes.

2. To create eyes beautiful, after cleansing the eyes with triphala water apply olive or almond oil about the eyes and massage gently. It can make eye muscles strong and soft and also the skin about the eyes looks healthy.

Natural Beauty Treatment Tips

Natural home remedies for Dark Circles Underneath the Eyes

1. Apply cucumber juice around the black circles with cotton for 2-3 weeks regularly.

2. Mix equal quantity of almond oil and honey and apply several drops on black circles for 2-3 weeks. Both wrinkles and black circles are cured.

3. Dip five almonds in water, peel them and chew nicely each morning or create a paste and take with you with 250 grams of milk daily for A 3 week period.

4. Don’t take oils, spices, tea along with other hot products.

5. Take 125 gm of tomato juice and squeeze half a lemon inside it. Mash 5-7 leaves of spearmint inside it. Add black salt based on taste. Drink this once around the morning and evening to become relieved of constipation, worm infection and acne.

6. Take iron and calcium rich diet his or her shortage are among the dominant factors for black circles underneath the eyes.

7. Dark circles. Put the slices of raw potatoes under each eye and relax during Twenty minutes. Don’t forget to do this type of procedure two times a week. But it’s just a quick treatment for your vision. The most widespread reason of these dark circles is you are tired which is continued not for just one day as well as month. So, pause and worry and sleep for around 8 hours each day. The other reason could be the problems with your heart. Do you know the most necessary things for this? Love, care and harmony. Not to mention, don’t forget about meat, apricots, grapes and liver. Each one of these provide your heart with necessary ingredients.

8. Red eyes. Another thing is the fact that our eyes get tired quickly and become red after hrs of work with computer. Moreover, it takes place regularly and just during your vacation you are able to rest from the computer monitor. And also the worst thing if it’s painful that you should look. Well, in this instance of course you need to consult with your physician, but if the situations are not so bad, I provide you with such a soothing procedure. Put spoons in refrigerator till they become cool and set them in your eyelids. However, pay attention to word “cool”, not “cold”. And do not do such procedure should you was ill a long time ago.

9. Dip cotton balls inside a mixture of cool cucumber and potato juice after which applied to the eyelids certainly helps. You need it for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. Remember to apply just a little baby oil.

10. Those long eyelashes, apply a good coat of using castor oil every night before going to bed. This strengthens the lashes in ways and also provides a cooling impact on your eyes.To eliminate dark circles around your vision, you should massage few drops of coconut oil every corner of the eyes.For bright eyes that sparkle, give a small pinch of salt within the water and wash your vision.
Lemon juice and mixing may also be applied around your vision. Keep it for Half an hour and rinse served by cold and hot water, or even the one after the other. A paste of nutmeg and sandalwood does apply around your vision at bedtime after which be washed each morning.


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