Nature has bestowed us an invaluable treasure in the form of herbs.Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life, has been using the herbal resources such as botanical extracts of roots, stems, leaves, fruits, flowers & barks for effective healing since ages.

Research & development team scientists had offered the world, innovative natural cosmetics & beauty products which are free from all harsh toxic synthetic chemicals & therefore suitable for all skin types. Enriched with naturally sourced ingredients, the beauty products range includes effective & high performance products for skin, hair, face & foot. Life is beautiful & so are you!

We are narrating here some Natural Mineral Makeup tips for your use. Always use good brush for the glow skin of youth. A fine natural makeup brush and natural mineral makeup will fix your wrinkles and makes your skin radiate with youth and flexibility.

The Composition

Make ups made up of natural minerals helps in bringing back the glow and shine of the skin along with treating the wrinkles on the skinCosmetic make up consists of chemicals that are harmful to the skin while the Natural cosmetic powders glide on the face with the feather light touch of a brush imparting protection from sun-damage with high SPF ratings and natural protection from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Natural Mineral makeup is devoid of heavy oils that irritates the skin and also damages it. They last long as a single container of powder will run for around a year with each day use. This is because of requirement of a very small quantity for each use.

Method of Use

Collect small quantity of Powder on the end of the brush, tap lightly and gently glide the brush across your cheeks, eyelids, forehead and chin. Gracefully blend the powder across all areas of your face with the strokes of the brush. Fine lines will disappear and blemishes fade to supple silky smooth skin.

Benefits of Mineral Make-Up

During summers facial glow of youth appears by using the mineral makeup. It gently fills the tiny lines and corrects imperfections. Your skin becomes smooth and silky once you use natural cosmetics, permitting the typical elasticity of your skin to conform to your facial structure.

With the flowing precision the softly bristled brush enhances outlines of your skin refreshing your youthful exuberance and natural beauty. Natural cosmetics simplify the procedure of putting on makeup every single morning by taking the oils and liquid out of your routine.


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