Natural Makeup For Green Eyes


Eye makeup for green eyes has a wide range of color options. The bottom line is to choose eye makeup colors that do not compete with your eye’s natural shade of green.
Any eyeshadow shades which are mostly yellow will even drown out green eyes. The yellow swallows the startling green and helps make the white of your eyes look dull. Jade, amber as well as neon orange may go for you, but canary, lemon or mustard are unthinkable.

It’s important to never give your eyeshadow compete with your vision for attention. Give your eye color remain sparkling by utilizing any eyeshadow color except one which matches your eyes. Decide on a creamier green, a darker green or perhaps a smokier green, but never suit your eye color and eye shadow exactly.

Pure and bold blue eyeshadows often look unflattering with green eyes, particularly if it’s used like a base color. But blue-green colors, for example turquoise, can appear attractive, particularly if your color is much more hazel. The blue-green hue can help bring out more green than brown inside your eyes. Light blues work nicely for base, accent or tiny highlight.

Eye Makeup Tips – How To Apply Eyeliner?

Best Makeup For Green Eyes

Green eyes sometimes obtain a bad rap (they’re, after all, associated with being envious), however they are uniquely beautiful and fun to create up since different eye shadow colors seem to alter their intensity. For those who have green eyes, be smug knowing you are part of a little population. Green eyes are rare and for that reason meant to be celebrated having a wide variety of makeup looks. Without having green eyes, but would like to get the look, experiment with green colored contacts. New options vary from deep jade to bright emerald. Put on the best makeup for green eyes now within our virtual makeup studio.

You realize the adage “opposites attract”? It’s certainly true for eye shadows. Bring out green eyes with makeup that’s red-based. Opt for raisin-colored eyeliner and plum eye shadow. In case your green eyes are close-set, separate them using a lighter pencil (think mauve) in the inner corner towards the middle of your eye. The darker plum tones ought to be used at the outer edges from the eye. If your green eyes are droopy, perk them up by making use of the darker purple in the inner eye and employ lighter colors toward the outer edges.

To create the most of your eye shadows, try plum colored mascara rather than black. Lashes ought to be clean and free of all traces of makeup before you decide to apply it. Curl your lashes and use a lash fortifier made from tiny fibers that seem to lengthen and thicken your lashes. For max volume, move the wand straight out of the roots, rather than moving it inside a sideways-pointing direction. Forward-pointing lashes look lusher and longer. Your plum colored lashes brings out green eyes and encourage you to definitely flirt up bad weather.


Bring out your gorgeous green eyes with makeup that’s red-based. To widen the feel of close-set eyes, apply shades of deep plum eye shadow toward the outer edges along with a lighter shader of purple toward the interior eye. If your eyelids really are a little droopy, target your product. Avoid purples with blue undertones, in addition to blue eye shadow and eyeliner.

SheKnows Beauty Expert Nina Sutton advises: “For green eyes, choose color tones for example dark green, lavender, purple, plum or lilac. Gold and copper are ideal for highlighting green eyes. For eyeliner, it is advisable to avoid black and also to choose browns or grey, that are much softer and not so harsh. An over-all rule of thumb for green eyes would be to choose warm shades vs. cooler shades. Choose mascara inside a brown tone too so the face doesn’t look harsh or overpowered.”


If you wish to experiment with metallics, avoid silver shades around the eyes. However, bronze, copper and gold looks absolutely fabulous with green eyes for evening. Brown or dark green eyeshadow with flecks of gold will also be terrific choices.


Everybody loves black eyeliner however it isn’t the best choice for green-eyed gals. Use chocolate brown liner for everyday. To spice some misconception, try gray or gold. To spread out up your eyes making them pop, give a little white eyeliner towards the inner corner close to the tear duct.

To accent saving money in your eyes, choose eye shadow in shades of purple and gold. Think plum and eggplant within the cool winter months or evening. Choose pastel violet and indigo during the sunshine or daytime.

If you need a nude makeup style, choose shimmery gold eye shadow that coordinates using the hue of your skin. For any subtle yet classy everyday look, try Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Burnt Sugar. This golden brown hue is neutral enough to coordinate with nearly any outfit.

About Eyeliner

Help make your eye shadow pop by using eyeliner. Although classic black eyeliner is fail proof, it’s also very common. For a bold night-out look, take dark purple eyeliner. Select a liquid liner and line both your lower and upper eyelids.

Want much more daring makeup tips? Highlight your green eye color having a metallic eyeliner. Try gold or copper colors for top level impact.

For a soft feminine turn to go with a nude color scheme, choose an eyeliner inside a medium lilac tone or light neutral brown.

Enhancing Eyelashes

Finish your thing by embellishing your lashes. Choose a few coats of mascara or perhaps a pair of falsies, or go to the dermatologist for eyelash extensions.

Although mascara and fake lashes come in colorful options, stay with neutral or black. Then, showcase your green eyes with bold texture. Select a lash-extending mascara or thick faux eyelashes. This can draw more attention than layering another color on your eyes.


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