Natural Ways to Prevent, Soothe Cracked Heel


Cracked heels are caused by pressure on the dry & rigid skin of the heels. This pressure is created due to standing and walking activities which in turn cause the skin of heel to expand on the sideways. Since the skin is not flexible and is rigid, it resists this expansion leading to the cracked heels.

Medically cracked heels are known as as heel fissures and are linear cut wounds which often affect the surface level, or epidermis, from the heel. When the cracks extend past the epidermis, they can lead to pain, bleeding as well as infection. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies for treating and preventing cracked heels.

Healing the Cracked Heels using

Exfoliating or removing the dead skin

One of the best ways to help avoid cracked heels is exfoliating dead skin. One of the best ways to do this is to first soak your feet in a tub of water (adding Epsom salts would provide a healthy, soothing boost). After the dead skin has become soft and your feet take on that wrinkly look that is common when you are in water for a long time, take an Emory board or one of the foot exfoliating tools that look like miniature graters and gently remove the dead skin without overdoing it and causing any pain or bleeding.

Socks in conjunction with healing oils

Probably the most effective remedies to get rid of foot cracks and dry heels is just using socks in conjunction with healing oils and moisturizers. When it is bedtime, liberally apply one or more oils for example almond, grape seed oil and/or olive oil on the heels and feet after which put on a pair of thick cotton socks and then leave on all night.

Banana pulp

Apply the pulp of the banana over the cracked heels. Leave the pulp on the skin for Fifteen minutes, and then rinse it clean. This can be a popular home remedy for cracked heels.

Fresh lemon juice

Soak the cracked heels wet inside a concentrated lemon juice solution. Initially there might be some pain once the lemon juice hits the cracks. Do that process for Fifteen minutes. Doing this every week can help the skin of the heels to obtain a glowing texture and also the skin would not crack easily.

Shea butter

Clean the region over the cracked heels then apply some shea butter. The butter retains the moisture content of your skin and helps heel the cracks. It’s inexpensive and can be bought at any store.

Bees’ honey

Spread some bee honey within the cracked heels. Then put socks over the feet. Allow for full bedtime to pass through. Then you can remove the socks and also the cracks would have become softer and soothing.

Vegetable oil

First, wash feet clean over the cracked heels. Then apply hydrogenated vegetable oil on that area. Wear a set of thick socks. When left overnight, this could soothe and heal the cracked heels a few weeks.

Pure coconut oil

This can be a popular East Asian remedy. Search for pure, virgin coconut oil or skin creams which are based on coconut oil. Coconut oil continues to be proved to have a soothing impact on the skin, and cracked heels often heal faster when coconut oil is used on them.


Experiences vary about this one but some individuals have reported that Vaseline works. Lots of people say Vaseline acts as a moisture barrier. However, you may be able to find short-term relief using Vaseline. It’s also inexpensive.

Dietary cure of cracked heels

  • Zinc rich foods include oysters, organic chicken, crab, kidney beans, yogurt, and brown rice.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are largely found in cold water fish, and healthy oils such as flaxseed.
  • Vitamin E found in green vegetables, wheat germ, whole grain products, and nuts.
  • Calcium found in organic raw certified cow and goat milk, organic cheeses, yogurt, dark leafy vegetables and broccoli.
  • Magnesium is essential for proper absorption and utilization of calcium.
  • Iron found in certified organic meats including beef, chicken and fish as well as free range eggs, vegetables and beans.


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