Olive Oil Benefits For Health and Beauty


Knowing about a few of the many essential olive oil benefits provides you with the ability to incorporate this excellent oil to your beauty regimen.

If you are looking for natural beauty products, keep your skin radiant and firm with skin-care products produced from extra virgin olive oil. Whether you consume it or put it on, olive oil can make your skin glow! Essential olive oil has been used cosmetically and nutritionally for a long time. Olive oil benefits for skin and hair, for instance, are various and plentiful. Knowing about a few of the many essential olive oil benefits provides you with the ability to incorporate this excellent oil to your beauty regimen. Essential olive oil is not just to cook, it has a number of other uses like a makeup remover. Most beauty expert state that only oil can definitely remove an oil based product. And what’s much better than extra virgin olive oil, it’s less than 1 % acid inside it and it is natural and very pure.


Olive Oil Benefits For Health and Beauty

Since ages we women all around the world have been enthusiastic about looking beautiful and fetching, even going great lengths to attain it. But there’s one practice that unites us and that’s taking care in our skin. Healthy skin glows and glowing skin reflects youth and vitality. For this function I started my mission to find something which my dried-out skin would lap up easily making my skin supple and soft. And here, I discovered my skin’s best friend- Essential olive oil.

Let me guide you through the journey of discovering Essential olive oil and finally list the various ways that Essential olive oil could work for you personally.

Olive oils are of three types- Pure, virgin and additional virgin. Pure Olive oil are generally employed for external purposes like moisturizing your skin, oiling your hair etc. Extra virgin and virgin oils are utilized in cooking along with other consumption uses.

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Medicinal uses of Essential olive oil:

1. When taken internally, Essential olive oil stimulates metabolic process and helps indigestion.

2. 1 teaspoon of Essential olive oil with fresh lemon juice on an empty stomach relieves constipation.

3. Essential olive oil is known to reduce levels of cholesterol.

4. Warm Essential olive oil alleviates ear aches too.

Now visiting the cosmetic uses of Essential olive oil, they can be employed for the following purposes:

1. Essential olive oil can be used like a MOISTURIZER for dried-out skin. You could put it on all over you during the night and awaken in the morning all soft and smooth skinned.
2. Daily utilization of Olive oil is known to reduce stretchmarks.
3. During winters, you could include Olive oil for your face packs to avoid your skin from feeling dried out. Your Skin will remain hydrated and nourished throughout.
4. Essential olive oil also helps relieve chapped lips.
5. Essential olive oil could be used like a make-up remover and then leave a fine layer of oil on your skin to nourish everything night long.
6. Soaking your nails inside a cup of Essential olive oil softens your cuticles and makes your mails less brittle.
7. Oiling hair with Essential olive oil can cure split ends and dandruff too.
8. Essential olive oil repairs sun damaged skin and protects against  skin cancer.

Some face and hair packs using Essential olive oil are as follows:

1. FACE PACK: Essential olive oil + honey + egg yolk + rinse with tepid to warm water = radiant skin
2. BATH: Essential olive oil + essential oils + tepid to warm water = nourished, relaxed body
3. HAIR PACK: egg yolk + essential olive oil = dandruff free hair, warm essential olive oil = conditioned hair

As obvious now, advantages of Olive oil are endless. It promotes smooth, radiant skin, helps maintaining skin’s elasticity, heals dry, brittle nails and scenarios hair. Essential olive oil does should be your skin’s closest friend?


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