The road to a glowing fair skin isn’t easy or for the lazy. We recommend using daily serums, weekly masks and intensive treatments every three months.


A serum a day keeps the dark spots away

Daily products are the building blocks of good skin. Applying a brightening or whitening serum every day is essential to keeping your complexion healthy and clear.

“Using serums are like brushing your teeth, which is something you need to do daily. Applying masks are similar to flossing, something you do when needed, while intensive treatments are like visiting the dentist. All three activities have the same ultimate goal, and using them together will definitely give you better results. However, while you can do without periodic visits to the dentist or flossing your teeth, one cannot do without brushing their teeth everyday.”

Make weekly masks a must

Adding a mask once or twice a week to your usual routine is a great way to amp up your brightening skincare and give more immediate results. Using a mask with gentle acids can also help to give you a more even skin tone and texture.

Invest in intensive treatments

Chock full of potent ingredients that might be too strong for continuous use, intensive treatments are best used every three to six months.


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