There are an abundance of skin care products on the market today. It can sometimes be confusing to sort it all out. Facial lotions and facial serums are one example. You might want to know just what the difference is between facial serum Vs. facial lotion. Can you use both at the same time? Do they really serve different purposes?

Facial Serum vs. Facial Lotion

Facial serums are lighter, more gel-like products that absorb quickly. They are highly concentrated and provide both moisture and nutrients to the skin. A serum is not meant to replace your daily moisturizer. It is an optional product that can help address skin concerns and is applied after cleansing but before moisturizing. There are a variety of serums available today. Some examples are anti-aging, brightening and anti-acne serums.

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Moisturizers, on the other hand, are meant to hydrate the skin. However, because of the larger molecules of the product, they do not penetrate the skin as deeply as a serum will. This is why it is better to use a serum to get the most benefit of the added nutrients. Moisturizers can also have the asset of an added SPF. If you are content with how your moisturizer is working for you, then there is no need to add a serum to your skin care routine right away.


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