You don’t always have to overhaul your entire beauty regime or take extreme measures to achieve a great complexion. These simple tips can help you on your journey to clear, glowing skin.

#1: Always wash your hands before touching your face to prevent transferring any bacteria or dirt you might unknowingly have collected along the day. This will help prevent unwanted breakouts.

Top 6 reasons to skip your morning face wash

#2: Drink at least eight glasses of water. This will boost your lymphatic drainage, which in turn helps to get rid of toxins and waste that can cause premature ageing.

#3: Get at least six hours of sleep at night, and no – napping in the afternoon doesn’t count. Your skin is in repair mode at night, and sleeping will help your body rejuvenate and heal damages accumulated in the day.

why is sleep so necessary?
why is sleep so necessary?

#4: Don’t eat salty food in the evening. This will lead to water retention and can cause your face to look bloated and puffy the morning after.

How to get restful and peaceful sleep?

#5: Sleeping on your side or stomach can lead to constant friction that cause an early onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Try to rest on your back instead.

#6: Change your pillowcase at least once a week. Your face releases sebum as your sleep, which accumulates on your pillow. This may lead to bacteria build-up, which can cause breakouts.


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