Should a skin toner be part of our daily cleansing regimen? Maybe — but make sure you are using one with the best benefits for your face.

Hello Everyone! Today we are discussing the importance of using a good skin toner in your daily beauty routine.

Using a toner is one of those steps often overlooked in the beauty world, having spoken to a fair few beauty bloggers and friends of mine, the overall feeling towards toner is one of uncertainty, what does it do and is it needed?

In short, there are mixed opinions.

Toners first hit the market to help rebalance the PH of the skin after cleansing, this would help prime your skin for further treatments such as serums etc. These days however, many cleansers are also set at the correct PH and dermatologists have advised that your skin can regulate its PH naturally after a short period of time.

These factors have contributed to the mystery surrounding toners as a necessary part of today’s skincare. Just as cleansers, moisturisers and make-up have developed over time, toner has moved on too, and is still as relevant today as it ever was.

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Skin toner is no longer just used as a PH regulator, it’s also recognised for the other properties it offers.

One major benefit of using a toner is that they can remove any leftover residue from your cleanser or make-up – and usually contain a variety of essential oils that will brighten your skin and leave you feeling fresher.

Added to this, toning helps tighten pores and can help even out skin tone too.

All of this still works towards priming your skin to be ready for your next steps (such as serums and moisturisers) enabling your skin to be ready to absorb all the goodness contained in them, also making sure your skin stays balanced and free of pore clogging nasties left behind from cleansing.

Another question that pops up often concerning this step is “Just how do I use a skin toner?”

Well the answer is usually on the bottle as different formulas are used in their own way. Two of the main methods are either spraying directly onto the face and allowing to settle (as a skin pick-me-up during the day) or wiped off with a clean cotton pad, alternatively, poured from a bottle on to a clean cotton pad and wiped around the face that way.

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Both of these work just as well as one another in my opinion, it does just come down to person preferences and the formula you choose. However,  I have recently discovered a novel concentrated formula – where I add a few drops of this to a sink/bowl of warm or cool water before splashing over my face to take away debris (or using a flannel soaked in the solution). This method is refreshing, thorough and the more cost effective as there is a lot less waste and a little goes a very long way!

I hope this had helped you to see that toners are still a necessary part of a good skincare routine to keep your skin in tip top condition and I hope this has helped answer any questions you may have had regarding this vital step.

Thank you for reading.


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