Succulent nails are the latest nail art trend!


It’s time to take your love for succulents to the next level — by growing a few on your fingernails and make them succulent nails.

I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed the growing popularity of succulents. They’re everywhere these days – in terrariums, wedding bouquets or in just about any cool girl Instagram shots or household. Also, they’re super low maintenance and pretty that the very sight of your succulents growing will make you believe that you’ve got a green thumb.

Which is why we might as well take our love (and our deep belief in our non-existent green thumbs) for succulents to a whole new level, and plant them on our nails.

Australian artist, Roz Borg, is a talented creator of succulent terrariums and jewelry. But lately, she’s turned her talents toward creating living nail art. “I had been making real succulent jewelry and wanted to use the same application on something I had never seen baby succulents used on before,” Borg told The Huffington Post. “I Googled it and didn’t get any hits on anything, so I went for it.”

To create the look, Borg applies baby succulents to a false nail with Oasis glue, a floral adhesive. Once dry, she uses nail glue to attach the false nail to her real nail. The process is definitely time-consuming as it takes about an hour per hand, but just look at the results!


“People are stunned when they realize it’s real live plants, not 3D sculpting,” Borg said. “Some people are grossed out, but most love it!” If you’re someone who needs a durable manicure, the succulent nail art is probably not for you. According to Borg, the trend is “definitely not practical”. But, the nail art does have a natural bonus.


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