Celebrate your BFF’s big day by looking absolutely fabulous. Read further to discover the simple yet effective hacks to up your oomph factor and look best at your BFF’s wedding.

You get a phone call one afternoon. The excitement on the other side quickly catches on as your BFF tells you that three weeks from now she will be getting married to the man of her dreams.

On one hand, you are exploding with euphoria because it’s her big day and nobody could possibly be happier than you (besides the bride and the groom, of course!). On the other hand, you’re bogged down by the question- Is three weeks enough to gear up for the wedding?

Relax! These simple tips will make you look astounding as you celebrate love and happiness when your BFF gets hitched.

  1. Attire And Accessories

Your ensemble for the wedding speaks volumes about your style quotient. Choosing the right attire is the first and most crucial step for the wedding.

Depending on the wedding traditions, you could choose to drape yourself in an authentic Kanjeevaram saree or a highly ornate designer saree. If you have trouble carrying off a saree, you could choose to don a beautifully embellished Anarkali, salwar kameez, or lehenga choli.

Top Tips to look best at your BFF's wedding

Choosing the right outfit colour depending on your complexion can enhance your look.

Pick your choice of accessories and jewellery that complement your outfit, neckline, and hairstyle to complete the look.

      2.Eat, Sleep, Workout, Repeat

If you’re planning to crash-diet, make sure to include a lot of fruits and vegetables that are green, yellow, red, and orange in color. These superfoods have all the necessary nutrients for a glowing skin like vitamins A, B and C, beta-carotene, antioxidants, minerals, and lycopene.

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Drink plenty of water.

Make sure you catch a good night’s sleep. Do not miss out on the midnight-to-4 a.m. sleep as it repairs and recovers your skin cells.

There is no alternative to exercise. Working out not only helps flaunt your curves, but also keeps a good balance of your hormones that make your skin look flawless.

     3.Be Zit-Free

All your efforts to get that perfect look going can be pulled down in one shot by your worst enemy ever— ACNE!

Make sure your skin care set consists of a vitamin C serum, sunscreen lotion, hydrating moisturiser, and eye cream.

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Or simply get a good acne treatment kit that contains all the lotions you will need to keep your skin zit-free.


The most important thing about makeup is to use good quality cosmetics.

Tips to look best at your BFF's wedding

Choose a look that best goes with your ensemble and skin type. Water-based makeup is the best choice for oily skin. For sensitive skin, choose mineralised makeup. Opt for a natural look with a BB or CC cream, and minimal eye makeup.

With these simple tips, flaunt a stunning look as your BFF ties the knot.


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