Most of us believe that washing our faces twice a day is one of the most crucial aspects in a good skin care regimen. But what if I said that it might be better for you to skip your morning face wash?

According to Beverly Hills-based skin-care expert (and Alexis Bledel’s long time aesthetician!) Brigitte Beasse, you could be stripping yourself of protective layers.

“Washing your face in the morning removes all the natural oil (also called the acid mantle of the skin) that your body has produced over night to protect you from daytime skin scavengers, such as pollution, dirt and sun rays,” explained Alexis Bledel’s longtime aesthetician.

Plus, all those chemicals in your personal care products can’t always be good for you. Here’s why you should probably consider skipping that morning face wash routine:

1. The top layer of the skin is what seals in moisture


Contrary to popular belief, moisture really does generate from the inside of your body. Moisturisers are useful because they help replicate the barrier that nature already bestowed upon us to seal in moisture.

2. If it foams, it’s not doing you any favours


Most cleansers contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate that works up quite a lather. Though your face feels squeaky clean, the chemicals are actually pretty abrasive and strips your skin off the good stuff with every use. Try natural or oil cleansers that do not contain harsh sulfates.

3. Try toners instead


Instead of washing your face with water, try depending on toners to do the work in the morning. “In the morning, toners are the best beauty secrets,” said Beasse. “Their PH has to be acidic, but still remaining below 7, to respect the acid mantle of the skin.” Depending on your skin type, be sure to get a toner that works best for you.

4. Plain old H2O can dry you out


While this doesn’t necessarily apply to all skin types, it does mean that your skin can be deprived of natural protection. “Water is alkaline and leaves chlorine dots on the face, exactly as it does when splashed on a mirror,” noted the skin expert.

“As the skin is naturally acidic, hard alkaline water disrupts its natural balance.”

So this means, if you have dry skin, your skin can be deprived of natural protection. If you’re more prone towards oiliness, your skin will only secrete more oil, overcompensating for what has been removed by hard water.

5. This doesn’t mean you get to skip night time cleansing

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Though in the morning it isn’t THAT necessary to wash your face with water, you should do it at night to get rid of all the pollutants that get stuck to your skin through out the day.”Washing at night is a must, making sure that toner is used to remove hard water and help skin reach an acidic PH again,” said Beasse.

6. Those expensive night creams and serums will work better


If you’ve been sleeping with only night cream and serum, then using a cleanser and water will remove the good oil and moisture you spent the night (and money) infusing into your skin. Make sure your skin really soaks up every last drop of the goodness by skipping the morning cleanse (which can disrupt the PH balance of your skin) and try using your preferred toner instead!

With all that said, skipping a cleanse in the morning might not be the best for every skin type. If you’re highly prone to acne or excessive oils, you can benefit from a good wash. Just remember to use a gentle cleanser!


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