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Top 6 Summer Beauty Tips You Should Never Miss


As the weather heats up and you spend more time outdoors, you should pay careful attention to your skin. Make sure you’re caring for your skin with these top 6 summer beauty tips.

Tip 1: Remember to Exfoliate

When you properly exfoliate your skin, it removes any dead cells and skin from the surface, allowing toners and moisturizers to be more effective. Remember to follow up with a hydrating cream to seal in moisture and keep skin hydrated. Read more on 5 Top Reasons Why You Need Exfoliate for Younger Looking Skin.

Tip 2: Combat Dehydration

When temperatures are hotter than you’re used to, your body uses more water than it normally would. If you are not replacing that lost hydration with water, your skin can become dry and papery. You can also develop heat stroke if you’re not careful. Be sure to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and functioning properly. H2O is plays an important part in any summer beauty tips!

Tip 3: Soothe Your Skin

Sometimes, no matter what precautions you take, your skin gets damaged anyway. It happens to the most diligent of us. Apply soothing botanicals and gels for your tender skin generously. Anywhere your skin looks pink, you should be applying lots of moisture and soothing balms to help the skin heal. Extended exposure to the sun can create severe burns. If you experience blistering, make sure a doctor examines the skin. Blistering and severe burns can increase your likelihood of developing skin cancer later.

Tip 4: Treat Damaged Skin

A tan looks great when you’re on the beach, but tanned skinned indicates skin that has been damaged. UV light causes additional wrinkles, age spots, coarse leathery skin, and other maladies of the dermatology kind. It’s important to be kind to your skin so it will retain its elasticity longer, keeping you looking younger long after you shouldn’t. Use moisturizers and anti-aging products to restore as much of the damage as possible and try to limit your exposure to direct sunlight.

Tip 5: Use Sunscreen­

I know you’ve heard it over and over again in every summer beauty tips, but it is so important, that we just had to mention it again.  You should be applying sunscreen often and abundantly to protect yourself from premature aging and skin cancer. You should be using a dime sized amount for your face and about an ounce or shot glass of sunscreen for your body. There are many different formulas to choose from and these days there are even options for sensitive skin. So there is no excuse for not using it and tons of reasons to make sure you do.

Tip 6: Hydrate Your Skin

While you’re making sure to drink lots of water for your body, make sure to hydrate your skin as well. Use intensive hydration masks a few times a week to make sure you get deep moisture penetration into your skin. Apply SPF moisturizer under your makeup to ensure daily protection when out of the house. Wash your face regularly to remove any makeup buildup and apply moisturizer whenever you can to make sure your skin is getting what it needs.

Use these six summer beauty tips daily to keep your skin looking great this summer especially whenever you hit the beach!


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