In case you didn’t know Korean makeup is getting quite popular all over the world especially among women from the West. What makes Korean makeup “solutions” attractive is the fact that they provide a really natural look. They can make anyone look fresh no matter if they have been working intensively or partied for few days in a row. So, if you want to achieve that youthful, fresh and energetic look we suggest you try some of these top 7 Korean makeup trends.

Tip 1: Straight Eyebrows


Straight eyebrows are especially popular among women with elongated faces. But, if you use this special Korean makeup technique straight eyebrows can look beautiful on anyone. This might sound extreme for someone but it works really well. Use a brush and cover the ends of your eyebrows (which are actually causing that downward appearance) with glue! After that, use a concealer on top of the glue in order to cover up the hairs. Once you are finished you will need to use powder or eyebrow pencil to straighten the eyebrows even more. If you have thinner eyebrows, you can use eyebrow growth enhancer to obtain thicker, fuller and healthier eyebrows.

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Tip 2: Dewy Skin


]Now this is something that every woman wants. Dewy skin will surely make anyone look energetic and fresh. In order to achieve this look Korean women use an air cushion. Although it sounds like something complicated, this is actually a sponge soaked with foundation and placed in a box. So, use the right foundation and apply it with these air cushions wherever you are and whenever you need to.

Tip 3: Puppy Eyeliner


Puppy eye look is known for a while but what Korean women are using these days is puppy eyeliner. With the help of this eyeliner you can make your eyes look rounder and close to the appearance of some anime characters. Instead of extending the liner upwards (like in the case of cat eye effect) you should use it downwards. This will result in cute puppy innocent Korean makeup look.

Tip 4: Ayego Sal


This is one of the most original Korean makeup trends. It is perfect for those suffering from eye bags. Ayego Sal is actually a slang term that can be literally translated as “cute skin”. This puffiness is considered to be cute in South Korea, because the bags can make women look younger and in some cases more attractive. If you don’t have puffy eyes you can now make them look like that. Use highlight shade under the lash line. Use a matte brown and simply make a line around 0.2 inches under your lash line. Remember that there is a huge difference between eye bags and dark circles!

Tip 5: Orange Blush


Orange is the new pink! Just use any shade of orange – peach or coral maybe on your cheekbones.  Peach or coral blusher is ideal for light to medium skin tones. It adds a warm, healthy glow to the face and voila, you’ll get a beautiful vibrant appearance!

Tip 6: Korean Gradient Lips


By using this makeup tip you can make your lips look more beautiful than ever. Just use a neutral foundation over your lips and use a brush to apply a pink in the middle of your lips and gently continue outwards.

Tip 7: Highlighter


Korean makeup trends won’t be complete if we don’t mention the use of highlighters. These highlighters will make you glow and they will give you the much needed fresh look to your skin. Apply the highlighter on your cheekbones and above your eyes. This is all it takes to make a difference.


Make sure you try out these Korean makeup tips to be ahead of the others in the beauty world. However, be aware of not overdoing it to avoid any disastrous outcome.


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