3 Ways To Style Your Jeans For Them To Look Cool Again


Whether it’s vintage mom jeans, baggy boyfriend jeans or beat-up skinnies, there’s no shame in donning your fave pair of denims as it’s such a wardrobe staple that can be easily chucked on. If you wear them less often than you’d like or you think the jeans make you look old-fashioned, you probably don’t know how to style them or make them look current.

Here are three ways to style your jeans for them to look cool again:

Photo: Jezebel

Frayed raw hem – Are your jeans way too long on you? One stupidly simple way to alter them at home is to chop off the excess length and wear the ends raw. Mark off where you’d like the hem to go (our preferred length is right above our ankles), cut off the portion with some scissors, and start distressing the raw hem by running the blade of the scissors on it to expose the little threads. You can also use sand paper to make the ends look more rugged. The more you wash the jeans, the better they’d look!

Photo: Screengrab via YouTube – dresstotheniness

Exaggerated fold – This is something we’ve been seeing a lot on fashion blogs as of late and it requires no effort at all. Instead of cuffing the jeans like you normally would, try folding the hem up once super high up; we’re talking about five inches up. This fold looks particularly good on high-waisted jeans and with sneakers. It just depends on how you style them and the possibilities are endless.

Photo: Shoestringsandshoppinglists & Hopeandilse

Denim culottes – If you’ve gotten hand-me-downs and you find some jeans that unfortunately look extremely baggy on you, don’t toss them out just yet! You can DIY some culottes out of those jeans and we’re teaching you how. According to your height and proportions, mark off about four to five inches below the knees. It should hit right below your calf muscles. Just chop off the excess jeans, distress the hems and your culottes are good to go.


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