What Are the Health Benefits of Foot Massage And Reflexology?


Feet are an important part of the human body that do a lot of work everyday but we do not pay any attention towards the health of our feet unless suffered from a problem.It is very important to take care of the feet and for that purpose a daily massage for a few minutes would do the work. 

Foot reflexology is an ancient healing technique that stimulates reflex points on the feet and ankles to reduce stress and promote balance and relaxation to all the organs and systems of the body. A wonderful preventative therapy, reflexology helps to facilitate stress and pain reduction, improve circulation and nerve function, and revitalize and restore the flow of energy in the entire body to encourage overall health and wellness.

Here are a few of the health benefits of foot massage and reflexology :

Promotes Better Sleep

Foot massage before going to bed every night is very beneficial in promoting the quality of your sleep. The massaging action on the foot helps in relaxing the nerves which in turn relaxes you. It is advisable to use olive oil or coconut oil for foot massage and also remember to press the large plantar of your toe to get the benefit.

Treats Depression

Several studies have proved the usefulness of foot massage for treating the problem of depression. There are certain points present on the foot which are very useful in reducing stress and depression. All you need is to press the centre of your foot and the portion behind your toe in order to get the benefits.

Provide Healthy Feet

It is very important to maintain the feet for avoiding problems. The intense pressure of the body on the feet makes it necessary to provide right kind of exercises. Take some coconut oil or olive oil and warm it slightly. Gently massage the foot with this warm oil. Regular massaging the feet will surely maintain it and avoid pains and aches.

Improving Proper Blood Circulation

People are suffering from various types of diseases due to improper blood circulation. Applying foot massage as well as reflexology will help to improve overall blood circulation in the body. It will thus help to carry more amount of oxygen to other parts of the body. Massage your foot daily before going to bed. It will enhance blood circulation and avoid various types of health issues.

Removes Pains And Aches

All kinds of pain and aches can be successfully removed from the feet by application of best types of massage techniques. Reflexology along with foot massage has the capability to cure various types of problems such as headaches, neck pain, migraines and backache. Massage the foot with some warm oil to get maximum benefits.

Treating Restless Legs Syndrome

The problem of restless legs syndrome can be perfectly cured by applying foot massage. This particular kind of neurological problem can be perfectly cured by proper foot massage. Take some coconut oil and warm it slightly. Apply this oil on the entire feet and massage it for around ten minutes. Repeat this step on regular basis before going to bed.

Relieves Arthritis

Relieves Arthritis and other Autoimmune Diseases Arthritis is an extremely painful disease. It can rub people with their quality of life. Foot reflex point massage can enhance the quality of life of arthritis sufferers.


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