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Why CC Cream is More Tempting than BB Cream?

So, what is exactly a CC cream?

What Wikipedia Tells You about CC Cream?

According to Wikipedia, CC cream is a marketing term created in the rise of the marketing term BB Cream aka the Blemish Balm cream or Beauty Balm.“CC cream” is referred to different meaning by different cosmetic brands. Some brands refer CC Cream as the Color Control cream or Color Correcting cream while some brands refers CC Cream as the Color Change, Complete Coverage or Complexion Corrector. Despite of the different meaning of this CC Cream term, it is basically a tinted moisturizer containing sun protection with multiple skincare benefits mainly aims to improve uneven skin tone. It all boils down to the objective of achieving 100% natural and healthy looks along with the hype of the well-known “no makeup looks”.

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Find Out Why CC Cream is More Tempting than BB Cream

In today’s context, all women are both busy working women and mother. Most of us should have known that BB creams have proven an invention for women who crave for skincare that does it all. BB Cream does almost all the skincare functions where it moisturizes, primes, covers, treats, and protects skin from sun’s harmful rays. As the multitasking skincare trend grew, people noticed the limitation of BB creams. An emerging interest for a more lightweight product with enhanced coverage, anti-aging ingredients, SPF protection and multi-tonal benefits increased. So for those who want advanced and easier-to-blend coverage for a more natural beautiful looks, it’s all about the new CC creams.

This multitasking tinted moisturizer is here to promise for a more nourished, dewy and natural gorgeous skin complexion. Unlike semi-sheer BB cream formulations, CC creams provides a full coverage that evens out everything but feel like you’re wearing something very light. Any skin redness, dullness and sallowness are all neutralized while age spots, pimples and fine lines are all covered like you’re not wearing makeup. Besides, CC creams are more on a problem solver. This can be seen when BB creams have anti-aging properties for prevention and maintenance, but CC creams focus on repairing existing issues which is on targeted treatment. For instance, some CC Creams include natural brighteners like Vitamin C or antioxidants to soften fine lines.


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