There’s a new trend catching on, and it might change your manicure routine forever!

Ways to Keep Your Nails Strong

More and more nail salons are getting on the bandwagon of offering waterless manicure for their customers. And there’s a very good reason for that.

Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann explains,

“When you soak your fingers in water, you nail expands, so if you put polish on after that, before they’ve started to shrink back to their regular size, the polish will be ready to chip the moment you touch it to something.”

So skipping the ‘soak’ part is actually a good thing, and your manicure will last much, much longer than usual. The reason nail salons soak our fingers is that it makes our cuticles soft, and therefore easier to cut and remove.

Succulent nails are the latest nail art trend!

But Lippmann said this step can be easily substituted with cuticle oil and cuticle remover, which should produce the same results. So the next time you’re at a nail salon, just say no to water, it’s much more hygienic anyway!


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